The Unpleasant Side of My Job

Sometimes, life happens and you can’t keep the massage appointment or you have to cancel at the last minute. I completely understand those situations. But there are some people who intentionally schedule an appointment with no intention of keeping the appointment. They simply want to take away from my income for a variety of reasons. I’ve even had other massage therapists anonymously schedule and not keep the appointment.

So, I have decided to list those names of folks who schedule and who don’t keep the appointment and who don’t message me a reason for not keeping the appointment.  If you feel you have been wrongly listed, feel free to email me at

March 1, 2023  John (713) 543-0655‬ Walked out of the appointment without paying. He fled to his car before I realized what was happening.

April 12, 2023  Michael  (724) 448-7733‬, 130 Aluminum City Ter, New Kensington, PA, 15068