Personal Trainers

HOUSTON  Dani (832-646-4664) I have family in Houston and travel through there often.  I kept hearing about this amazing trainer who was consistent in her ability to put mass on her clients.  I decided to try her out.  OMG  I don’t think I’ve been motivated to complete those last two reps – the ones that count.  She is gonna get her eight or ten or twelve reps out of you even if she has to spot you.  But, you’re gonna get ’em done.  She’s also sensitive to your limits.

“Dani, I can’t…I can’t….it’s too heavy…”
–“What’s our safe word?”
“More please.”
–“Okay…two more!”

NEW ORLEANS   Konstantine (504) 621-4794  “I want to be sweating and challenged,” I said to Konstantine.  “And, I need to work two muscle groups in one workout.”  Konstantine calmly stood with his arms folded and listened intently to my words.  When I was finished, he graciously  motioned for me to follow him to the first station.  After the first set, no time was wasted moving to the next station.  Instantly, within seconds my body was caught off guard working another muscle group.  Within five minutes of my workout, I was sweating.  I have worked out with weights and machines for many years and he continues to surprise me and my muscles with exercises I have never done.  He is also a ‘hawk’ to make sure you have perfect form A-L-W-A-Y-S.   He is conscious of my chit chat eating away at precious workout time and he is master at keeping it harnessed.  Konst was the first trainer I hired on the road, and, after my first workout, I felt like I hit the jackpot.