Body Care

Please remember, I’m not credentialed in medicine or nutrition, but, I have seen some alternative treatments work really well for certain conditions.  Please always consult your doctor (who may be completely uninformed in this area) before pursuing any suggestion below.  

Bad Feet
I see a lot of feet..some healthy, some not so healthy.  More and more I see men with cracked, yellowed, calloused, and dry feet.  A simple solution to this problem is to apply a product you can buy at most any Whole Foods.  It’s called Foot Care and is made by a company called Himalaya.  It’s in a green tube with an orange cap.  Just before bedtime, apply generously to your feet and wear socks to bed.  Within days your feet will begin looking healthy.  Keep in mind, the more severe the condition, the longer it will take for your feet to heal. Also, keep in mind, that severely calloused feet may need to be scraped with a ‘scraper’ (read more about this under Plantars Warts below) before you apply the cream.  But, most of the time you shouldn’t need to use it.

Plantars Warts
I think I’m gonna do a YouTube video on this one.  But, until that happens, here’s a tip.  Plantar’s Warts can be very painful.  A simple cost effective solution is a product called Warts No More and is made by a company called Forces of Nature. You may have to find it online…it’s hard to find in many health food stores.  Ridding yourself of this condition takes  a little time and patience.  Go to a CVS or Walgreens and purchase a callous scraper (it looks like a shaving instrument with a square blade at the end.)  Carefully and lightly scrape off the dead skin on top of the plantar wart.  Then apply a few drops of the Warts No More to the area.  Cover with a big ass band aid.  If you do this everyday, you should see some major improvement with a week or two.

To Pee or Not to Pee
Some of my clients have to pee a lot during the night, and, sometimes in the middle of a session.  If their physician has indicated that they have a swollen prostate, I found some good choices of products to purchase at health food stores that are effective in reducing the need to pee.  Any of these are good and work well for most.  ProstaCare by Himalaya; or MPX made by Bluebonnet Nutrition; or Prostate Optimizer made by Jarrow Formulas.  Any of these work really well.  Take as directed.

Bad Breath
Bad breath can be caused by many things:  what you eat, not brushing your teeth, and an imbalance in your gut.  Yogurt doesn’t contain enough probiotics or live cultures to have significant therapeutic effects.  Taking a probiotic nutritional supplement can help.  My favorite brand of probiotics is Jarrow and I love their shelf stable EPS product.  It can be found in most Whole Foods stores.  Here’s a good article by Dr. Katz on the subject of bad breath and probiotics.  Bad Breath?  How probiotics can help.