All of my stories are true except I have changed the names of some to protect their privacy.

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Some of the older blogs that I get comments about are below.

Revelations from the Shower
I was ‘on the stand’ being pummeled with questions by my house keeper.  Finally, I gave in.

Nikki & the Ghost of Marcus
In the quiet moments of massage school, a visitor from the other side argues with our instructor about who he is – the dead brother of her student.  (Yes, this is a true story.)

Three Men in a Bed
Originally clients, now friends, they offer to help me cross off a line item on my bucket list.

The Halal Guys
A behind-the-scenes story about caring for someone I love who lives with a dragon.

Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast:  Two words I would have never ever ever used to describe myself.

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