I am Wally, a 6’5″, 214 lb single man who travels from city to city with my massage table, crock pot (to warm the oils), coconut oil, cooking gear, and a small grocery store so I can eat healthy.  It’s convenient that I have friends in most every city along my route.  It makes the extensive travel schedule tolerable.

I love to share my strong hands and warm spirit to men looking for relaxation and acknowledgement. I discovered after two careers that I love to write.  My blog is a reflection of my day to day travel experiences which may include stories about the people I meet along the way or the circumstances that surround me.

I began doing bodywork twenty-two years ago as a hobby and would trade with amateur massage enthusiasts as well as licensed massage therapists.    I am formally trained and attend two sixteen-hour continuing education workshops each year.

When I’m not working, I’m in the gym. writing creatively, listening to audiobooks, street biking, sniffing out the best coffee houses, and drinking blonde regionally-made beer.  You can usually find me naked at men’s yoga, naked men’s fitness, socially-oriented naked MeetUp.com groups, and, of course, naked pool parties.