Three Men in a Bed

Tuesday February 24th, 2015, 7:45 pm, a private home in a small subdivision in the Ohio countryside 

Note:  I received permission from Tim and Clark to share this story.

It was an out call to a client’s house, twenty-five minutes from the city that hurried me out of the hotel toward the five story parking garage across the street.  It was dark at 7 pm and evidence of a recent snow storm was everywhere.  I searched for any ice that escaped the transforming touch of the sun and my lungs and mouth coordinated and produced a low growled ‘augh’ at the thought of encountering it while driving.  I was already apprehensive about the drive in thirty degree weather because I would not be able to use Google Maps or Waze to navigate my way.  For some reason, the client’s twenty-year residence was still not yet acknowledged by the satellites.  So, reading the directions on my phone and trying to look up and find the right exits at night made me incredibly nervous.

It had been a good number of exchanges of emails and text messages over a period of months that made me feel comfortable about doing an out call this far from my hotel.   Normally, I won’t travel more than fifteen minutes because I am usually tightly scheduled – but I had reserved them as my last clients of the day.  And, this drive would yield two clients, a gay couple in a long term relationship, each ordering an hour Wally Special session.  I love working on couples.  Time flies because there’s usually some kind of verbal interaction between all three of us, or, just the two of us – the client on the table & me if separate sessions are preferred.  And at the end of the first session you don’t have to be obsessive about watching every free minute before the next client arrives because the next client is already in the vicinity and is aware of the setting.

Accessing the interstate north was not as scary as I thought, nor was driving on it.  But, exiting the freeway was a different experience entirely.  As I made my way through the narrow dimly lit country roads, the roadside piles of a recent snow got bigger and my driving confidence got smaller.  I was officially intimated driving on a two lane road while my speedometer hovered right at 25/mph.  Making my journey even more perilous was the absence of adequate street lighting and street name signs.  “Is this where I turn?” I would wonder over and over.

I finally arrived at their home a few minutes late.  I couldn’t tell much about the house except the usual one would expect:  two garage doors, a front door, a few windows and one or two flood lights keeping the moon light from casting silhouettes.   I was greeted by two very friendly tall men who appeared to be incredibly fit, very good looking – hot -actually, and who were very hospitable.  Quickly, I absorbed the feel and smell of my surroundings and registered a ‘very comfortable’ reading.  We each exchanged very tight and welcoming hugs and my instincts blurted out that I was going to love getting to know these two and I already knew that it would not be the last time I saw them.

Tim looked to be in his very early fifties and Clark in his early forties.  But both of them had outsmarted time each looking ten years younger than their actual age.  Tim had full and curly salt and pepper hair with Greek masculine features, a three day beard, and a commanding deep sexy voice.  I would guess his height at six foot one or six foot two broad shouldered, a muscled height weight proportionate build and the kind of ass  you’d see on a man, and, think, “now that’s a man ass!  I wonder what kind of exercises he does for it?”  Tim’s handshake over gripped mine with size and strength; and when we had finished our introductory hug, he planted his very strong hands on my shoulders and intuitively squeezed which made the day’s stress in my body rise on alert and leave.

Clark is six foot or six foot one, brunette, conservatively groomed & dressed, and was quiet and shy at first.  He has a disarming stillness in his disposition – we are alike that way.  His toned & height weight proportionate body was highlighted by two outstanding features:   1) beautifully shaped pecs that proudly draped the shirt material on his chest.  2) and a perfect bubble butt.

Tim, led the way to the massage area where I spied their massage table already in place.  “Thank God, I don’t have to unpack mine,” I sighed.  Unpacking included pulling out of my plastic black bin the coconut oil (now solid because of the cold temperatures in transit), the massage table padding, heating pad, water kettle, sheets, and headrest cradle covers. Tim, being the perfect host, offered me refreshments as I prepared the space for two Wally Specials.  I cued the hot water kettle for boiling in the kitchen and placed the crock pot on their dresser protected by a hand towel underneath.  “The crock pot will keep the coconut oil heated as I apply it to a body a few degrees colder,” I said.

As I got closer to beginning the session I settled in to my own comfort zone and asked myself, “can you believe you’re getting paid to work naked on these two hotties who will also be naked?!?!  Thank you, Lord, for this job!”  It wasn’t until they stripped off their clothes that I realized how hot they were…and, talented.   They also had beautiful asses, flat stomachs, muscle massed or toned bodies, and stood comfortable in their own skin.  Acknowledging eye contact with both,  they looked back at me and I realized that I was still dressed.  “Oops,” I said.  I quickly stripped off my clothes and tossed them into a corner on the floor.  Their unconscious expressions of delight led me to believe that Tim and Clark seemed pleased with their selection of their massage guy.

Clark climbed onto the table first.  As I stood next to the face cradle, I surveyed the tension in his neck, shoulders, and upper back with medium-pressured strokes.   Without moving from the front of the table, I surveyed the rest of his body distant to me with an occasional long reach all the way down to the soles of his feet.  Tim watched me work from a short distance, and, soon after approached the table furthest from my immediate work space.   Tim’s sexy big hands gently wrapped around Clark’s calves and moved slowly down his feet.  “Now, Wally, if I get in your way, let me know,” he said.  “Actually, I’m almost done with the warm up on his body, want to see how I do the trunk stretch?”  Tim brightened with an enthusiastic “Yes!”  I rotated Clark’s knee laterally toward the edge of the table then slid his knee all the way up to his chest.  I held his knee in place with my left hand while I laid my upper body onto his butt and hips pushing them gently into the table.  “Aaaahhhhhhh wow…” Clark moaned.  Tim looked up in curiosity.  I moved back and invited Tim to lay on Clark’s hips and butt like I did.  I love showing couples safe and effective movements they can remember and do to each other without a lot of effort.

The space between the massage table and the bedroom wall was very narrow and as Tim passed behind me to move into position, he held onto my right hip to balance, and, for just a moment, his tall naked body paused snugly up against mine.  “Woof!  Now, that’s a sensation I don’t feel everyday,” I heard myself say.

At times, Tim, stood opposite of me, and worked nearby muscle groups and, at other times he worked beside me, both of us intentionally maintaining some sort of side body contact while we worked on Clark. On several occasions, Tim stood behind me massaging my stressed muscles while I massaged his partner.  At one point, his hands very thoroughly massaged my pecs and slowly palpated down my torso passing gently over my pubes until his masculine hands landed on my inner thighs.  While one hand remained on my right innards, the other crossed up to my right pec.  He slowly and intentionally pulled my body toward his while removing the remaining one-sixteenth inch of distance between us.  My entire body tingled with goosebumps, and for at least two seconds, my hands went limp on Clark as I surrendered my stance to Tim’s hold.   “How much do you charge by the quarter-hour?” I asked, but, I don’t think he understood.

As Tim held me, I fast forwarded into the future and wondered  if I would ever have an ‘other half’ who would be tall enough to hold me like this and short enough for me to throw him around in the sack?

After I finished working on Clark, it was Tim’s turn on the table and similar antics ensued as Clark and I ‘turned the table’ on Tim.

When both sessions were finished, all of us showered, dressed, and loaded my gear into the SUV.  Before I could think about getting into my car, I was reminded that dinner was being heated in honor of my visit.  “What hospitality!” I said.  “Well, most of the restaurants are closed and we suspected you’d be hungry,”  Clark said.

Over dinner, we talked about our careers, our personal lives, and buckets lists.  I really enjoyed getting to know them and I was incredibly grateful to these guys for dinner.  I was very hungry and I was dreading having to eat another late meal at Denny’s – Augh!   After a warm parting involving strong bear hugs, I drove toward my hotel a little more confidently through the ice and snow.

A few days later, I received an email from Tim & Clark rehashing the amazing night we all shared and asking about my return visit.  “When you come back, we’re taking you to a movie…then to dinner and, after that… you’re spending the night with us.   We want to help you cross off one of the items on your bucket list.”  I paused and looked up  and wondered what they were talking about.  “…cross what off my bucket list?”  I continued to read.  “You’ve always wanted to sleep with three men in a bed…you’ll be in the middle!”  I gasped out loud.

I have always wanted to fall asleep while simultaneously being both the big and little spoon.  I could only imagine the sensations:  safe, loving, & sensual.  I couldn’t wait.

Months passed and eventually I was back in the area.  We went to see the movie Train Wreck  which was followed by an amazing dinner at Red Lobster and I was reintroduced to those addictive biscuits.  I hadn’t been to that restaurant since I was a kid.  After we waddled back to the car we headed back to the homestead.  We all brushed our teeth, stripped, and climbed into bed.  Oh my god.

I was in the middle, Clark was in front of me and Tim was behind me.  As we held each other a slow crescendo of guttural masculine sound filled the room.  It sounded like a small group of contented cavemen, and, I wondered if this kind of touch was part of our caveman ancestry – the instinct to be held and to hold.  Tim’s long arm reached over me and pulled Clark closer to both of us while Clark held on for dear life to my hairy forearms.  We were one.   “Wow.”   It was incredible.  I’ve never felt that.  And, this wasn’t a sexual thing.  We were too tired and too stuffed to be horny.  It was something else.  All I know is that I was submitting to the warm grasp of masculine animal instinct.  I was with my tribe.  And, even now I am lacking in words to express all that it was.

As I lay sandwiched in between those two, I thought about how starved for touch and affection many men are.  In my work, I give and receive touch all day long and I still crave it.  We have devolved from ‘high fives’ to ‘fist bumps’.  We touch each other as if we’re activating an elevator button.  When I’m at  a social event I tend to wave off centuries of community grown homophobia and that fear of touch.  Without engaging my conscious mind, my hands usually fly up into autopilot mode and land on someone’s shoulders with an acknowledging squeeze.

Soon after the initial overwhelming sensations wore off, we started to unintentionally drift off to sleep.   I awoke at some point and untangled from Clark.  I was starting to sweat. Tim had created a small gap in between he and I because we were both hot.  Then, suddenly, I was awakened by movement in the bed.  Tim was leaning over me and whispering to Clark…I was too tired to pay attention and I let sleep take me.

Very early the next morning I awoke in time to see Tim walking sleepy eyed and naked back into the bedroom.  “I had to sleep on the couch last night.  It was a furnace under the sheets,” he said.  Clark and I are heat generators and three men in a bed might be one man too many.   As Tim climbed under the sheets we resumed our spoon positions and reclined up against each other and once again and drifted off.   This was heaven.

Eventually, we made it out of bed and Tim made a quick run for donuts while I sipped on morning coffee and eased into the morning.  We gathered in the living room and reclined in warm clothes and nibbled on fancy donuts.    Being in their presence made me want the kind of relationship that they have.  I wondered what kind I would have?   “Would I be with one or two?”

I said my goodbyes and headed back to the city to begin working on the first of five massage clients.  As the day passed, I lingered on my time with them and how much I was looking forward to that experience in the future.  I continue to visit Tim and Clark when I visit Ohio.  And, we continue the tradition of ‘three men in a bed’, or, ‘two men in a bed and one on the couch.’

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  1. Thank you! Well-written prose conveying deep emotional reactions are rare, these days. I could go on, but it’s 4AM…and I have corrected at least 6 typos, to this point. Suffice to say, your work was appreciated by this reader

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