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May 8, 2020
I have taken the stay-at-home order seriously since I returned to Texas on March 16th. I hated leaving Nashville so early.  I LOVE going there.

With the exception of going to the grocery, gas station or walking the deserted streets in my neighborhood, I have stayed put.  Until I could locate masks, I wore a cotton t-shirt around my face when I went to the grocery.  I now have cloth masks that I wear to run essential errands.  By the way, no one makes masks for guys who are 6’5″.  Our skulls are larger and the seamstresses here are finding that one size does not fit all.

I will be back to work when the Texas governor lets us return to work.  BUT, I am asking my clients to get a COVID test before you schedule to see me.  It only took me fifteen minutes!! I went around one pm during the week.  I received a negative test result.  I was concerned that my symptoms were not allergy-related as my amazing doc had diagnosed.  They were, in fact, allergy-related.

Did you know that THIRTY PERCENT of people who test positive DON’T HAVE SYMPTOMS?!?!  WTF!   Municipalities want everyone to get tested – WHETHER YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OR NOT!

Covid tests in most major cities are free and test results are being delivered faster than they were two months ago.

When I hear about the massage industry being allowed to go back to work, I’ll get tested again.  I’m asking clients to do that as well.  I have atrial fibrillation & asthma – I’m trying very hard not to get this virus.

I’m trying to keep us both safe, so I hope to hear from you.



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I will start scheduling massages again beginning May 30th.

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