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Sept 11, 2020

I thought the country would be back to normal by now.  And, I doubt it will be safe for me to go back to work. I probably won’t begin working on clients until next year.

By my choice, my massage schedule has been unavailable since March 15th.  I have asthma and afib. I wonder if I would survive if I caught the virus. In addition, two of my best friends are over 65.  My other best friend is a former smoker and has a heart condition. I won’t jeopardize their health either.

I started a story I’ve been wanting to write for five years. It’s called Crop Circles from Uganda. I was talking to my little sister the other day while she was at work unpacking boxes. She is the biggest fan of my writing and I shared with her my title.

“Uh, brother… Crop Circles from Uganda?  Were you trying to see if I was listening or is that really the title?”

LMAO!!!  That question made laugh all afternoon…so funny!

Hope to start my exercise regime tonight…I’ve been lazy!

My best friend and I are quarantining together (sort of.) He lives separately, but we don’t go anywhere unsafe. We have visited three restaurants during odd times of the day when there are only three-ish tables in the entire space and they all have plexiglass separators.

Talk to you soon,

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